Patch Notes Planet Coaster: Console Edition 1.5.2 Update Notes

Jay Wilton

Community Manager
Hello Coaster friends!

We hope everyone out there is doing well and that you're enjoying the World's Fair and Vintage Bundle! We've already seen some incredible work on social media and the Frontier Workshop.

We are continuing to monitor Planet Coaster: Console Edition with our internal data and your reports from the issue tracker so as to continue to improve the game's stability and fix emerging issues.

Here are the patch notes for Update 1.5.2:

Patch Notes
  • Optimisation for memory-related crashes on Xbox consoles.
  • Memory reporting optimisations to help reduce crashes when leaving a park on all consoles.
Thank you! I had a crash yesterday while filming for my youtube channel when deleting paths on xbox. The left stick movement was stuck on one place and crashed. Hopefully that is the fix, will see if I have it on video if it happens again. Thank you
Really hoping the crashes are now fixed, hopefully we also get a fix fortheauto unsubbing on frontier workshop items it becomes a boring thing having to recheck all my subscribtions before loading a park.

And please add a no litter option and a no breakdown of vending machines and atm's
whatever you did in the updte you turned the clock from 12 hour to 24 hour and there is no way to change it back. If you could please fix this it would be nice or add a way to change the clock between the two as some may like the 24 hour clock
After the patch, I was able to play for quite a bit on my Series X without a crash! My Oswald Counter is at about 85% and I notice a bit of stuttering, but I haven't gone back into the save yet to see if it stutters after a reload. Glad to see no crashing so far!
I’m playing on Xbox series x before the update I had loads of crashes since the update it’s settled down but and it’s a big but I have stuttering on the game I’m no where near a full park anyone else had this
I'm really sorry to be that person, but are you planning to bring some of the UX love on the PC version of Planet Coaster? Thanks.
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