Planet Coaster Early Bird Pass what am i getting ?

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Good evening, just looked into ordering this game, after enough was enough with RCTW.

But when i read the text about the early bird pass i find the text rather weak regarding what im actually buying.

"Your Early Bird Edition will grant you first access to Planet Coaster months before its official public release, and full access to the complete game upon release. The Early Bird Edition of Planet Coaster will be available to play March 2016."

Are we talking beta wekeends like RCTW, are we talking limited version of parts of the game or are we actually talking the game as it stands and updated under way?

You'll buy the game as it stands at pre-release in March. You'll be able to play the game whenever you want to. About the updating part I don't know that much. Maybe there is like a monthly patch until the actual release.

Are you familiar with the game ARK? It's basically like that.
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