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Better use blender instead of sketchup, mainly because of uv mapping with normal maps, which are more than necessary!
I would also prefer Blender instead of Sketchup. Sketchup is only in the base version free. Blender is completely free , but needs more time to learn. It has a hundred more options like Bumpmapping etc.
Most current PC-Building pieces use bumpmapping for more realism. Apart from that you will maybe want do more in 3D later and once you've learned Blender you have all options open. There are tons of OFFICIAL and certified free video tutorials for blender available.

And why should you first create your model first in Sketchup and export it then to Blender. In that case you need to learn two programs instead of one, which is more than enough.

As I've seen the models here I get a little stomach pain . We should really thing, if we want modular sets, like the building pieces, we have currently in PC or the great versatile sets from RCT3 or if we want that cardbord models that we currently see in RCTW or Theme Park Studio (I think, the models above are from that game).

I hope someone at Frontier will give us soon a kind of guide with measuring tools and instructions, how we can import our creations to PC.
I am not worried about making rides or animaations. I just make scenery pieces and for that application I think Sketchup is fine depending whether or not the exported .dae file format can be used.
But the UGC for that game that shall not be named by A**** probably looks better than what was place in the game by the Devs.
That should get you used to modeling, however, we don't know yet what format PC will accept to import models into the game. If it is the .dae format, then you can use sketchup as you can export your models in that format. I have made some models for another game using sketchup and uploaded them to that game's workshop.

Here are just a few examples:

Storage Sheds Up Models/Supply Sheds_zpsocep2vjt.jpg

Water Tower Up Models/Water Tower_zpslguofwcv.jpg

Marble Column Up Models/Marble Column_zpskxhcbhjn.jpg

Church Up Models/Church_zpsmdrmk6mv.jpg

Rocket Ship Up Models/Space Ship_zpssbjikr9s.jpg


What interesting 3D models, I love to see them but I haven't made any so far, but they are very good what you do, I like it!
Hi, i like!

Great, I love those 3d models, the world of 3d is infinite and of my total interest. I am a lover of this subject and would like to share with you my website where I have a variety of models of my own. [removed link].
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