Planet Coaster - Winter Update - Update notes

Does everyone have signs that go along with the new shops? I'm unable to find them. Are they not going to be included in this update?
I am LOVING the game optimization. I have a GTX Titan, and have a large park, and could not understand how could run more graphic intense games without the performance hits I do in this game. While not perfect yet, it's avast improvement imo. My rollercoasters stutter way less when riding in my park now.
[up] That is an impressive list of improvements, additions and changes to read. Love that you wrote much of it out instead of just saying "Performance improvements" like so many companies write.
Hey lovely Frontier Team,

can we use all these new things in our existing parks or have we to build a new one? That would be not soooo good...

Also the fixed items and bugs, are they working only in new parks?

1-2 other questions. Will it be possible that we have crosslines between the path and the Transport rides in the near future and 2-3 new things for the info would be great (parkmap, umbrellas etc.).

The update ist great, thank you sooo much!!! [happy]
Why I can not access new objects and new attractions with my current backup, I do not want to start a new park !


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Why I can not access new objects and new attractions with my current backup, I do not want to start a new park !
I guess you're playing challenge?

Its a known issue [happy] Dev's are working on it.


Great spot, it appears that the content isn't appearing in old saves of challenge parks specifically. The team are investigating but for now, you'll need to either take on a new challenge mode park or try the game in a Sandbox save. Thanks for the feedback!
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I didn't get much time to fiddle around, but I'm loving the update so far! The quick access to staff member's pay/knowledge/work load is amazing. And the gingerbread houses! <3 Well done, Frontier!
AMAZING - this is really a huge update so short after release!
Thank you sooo much for listening to our wishes and all the fixes.
I'm really happy with the improvements and the new features as well as the ride and the scenery pieces and, and , and!!!!!

This update is great. Thanks a lot for the snow effects, now it's possible to let it snow if we build something like "Frozen" . Actually we can use it for "Polarexpress" a new coaster attraction you can find on steam. It fits great to
the winter Scenarios. I also like the new Train Variation which remember at the Movie "Polarexpress" bautiful creation. Everything is created with love and heart, thats what I feel when I look at each object.

I don't want to be ungrateful but you always tell that you are listen to the wishes of the community. And my wish is: Please, please, please create the missing ride signs (now there are two more necessary) and also some more shop signs. I don't understand why you are so econimical with the creation of those ride signs. I can't imagine that the creation of ride signs is to complicated for you. You told us, that you are aware of this and to stay tune. I will do that and
I thought that the signs will be part of this update. So, now I hope of the next update.
Thanks a lot for the update. Really good additions to the game, especially the changes to the UI and the optimizations are welcome. Hard work in a short time.

I'm really looking to see the queue time problem resolved, let's hope it's solved now.
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Looks like the crash problem I was experiencing with my largest park (my guess was too many items) has been solved too. I was able to open the park AND run it for a long time. I even added the bumpercars and extra scenery.


Also like the management UI change. Now you can train staff in almost one go and reopen shops also from one screen. Saves a lot of time![happy]

On top of that adding new staff is easier because you don't have to open management again and again to add staff.[happy]

For me only two things are missing:
1) more terrain painting options (e.g. desert or black soil in all parks)
2) ability to create your own sorting on downloaded blueprints.

BTW: since this is called "winter update", are we to expect a spring, summer and autumn update too? [yesnod]
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