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Hi! I come from the Planet Zoo forum, rarely do I ever come here but I was just thinking about this while watching the documentary series, Serengeti, before I came here... A Safari / Serengeti sim would be amazing!! "Planet Serengeti" has a nice ring to it so I wrote down what I thought would be such a cool game in the PLANET series. I hope one day we get something like this! I'd be so thankful to have a game like this alongside Planet Zoo.

It would ideally be an open world game based in Africa and could give achievements from what you do in the world and quests to fulfill.

It'd be amazing to be a predator or prey, whichever one that you wanna be in the Serengeti and have total control of them (needs, hunts, surviving, mating, births, deaths, losing babies, climbing trees, failing hunts, jumping over things, etc)

You could be a dominant (leader) or a submissive (follower), choose wisely as submissive's can be exiled with or without babies for any number of reasons, whether it being reaching adulthood or having babies with another male outside of a group in secret. If you're the leader, you can be challenged for your position so it's up to you to keep it that way! As male or female, you will find a partner -whether lifelong or only during mating season-, mate, give birth, and protect your babies at all costs so they may grow up and stay in the group they're in or leave the group and begin a new family or live the solitary life, depending on species and gender..

Of course, you would need water, food, and rest to survive, depending on how long they can last without them in real life.


As a predator or scavenger, you'd be able to hunt prey, call to your group or babies, crack open eggs or dung for food, potentially become injured, or killed if you fail at escaping rivals or get too brave and try to steal meals.

You'd run with your pack, clan, pride, troop, etc to get what you want, search for carcasses, eggs, or live prey. Run from or attack larger groups.


As prey, you'd be able to graze, call to your group or babies, herd with other prey animals to increase your chances of survival and of course.. RUN for your life if you have to!

You'd run with the herds as a Zebra, Wildebeest, Gazelle or be nearly fearless as a Giraffe, Elephant, etc as you tower over the lands.. or be a feisty Baboon or Mongoose with no problems to many problems (rivals, fights, etc).


As a baby you could be swept away by the current and have to find your way back to your group with lots of danger lurking around, being kicked from family groups (such as, if you're a male elephant reaching adulthood, you would be kicked out and you'd have to find yourself other males to be with or have a solitary life), go through the trials and defeats of the Great Migration.

For the Great Migration, as prey, you will have to reach new grazing grounds with your herd and surrounding herds where you will defend yourself and babies (if any) from the predators by kicking, biting, stomping that try to make a meal of you or your young. The predators don't always get a meal so be cautious and you may live..  

For the Great Migration, as a predator, you would be waiting for them on either side of the vast river and try your best to take one of them down as your prize but it doesn't always turn in your favor. You could have prey by it's throat but the huge herd you just charged is stampeding back in your direction so you must let go of the prey or be seriously injured or die from your mistake. If you go hungry one night, you may live to try another day.
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Sounds like a great Idea and if it sells good we could also get it with other Environments, African Jungle for Example (I bet it would be great to play as a Chimpanzee). Maybe we could also get a Birds or small Animals DLC. I think if this Game gets made, one of my Favorites would be the Baboon. There's so much great Stuff that could be possible for them.
Funfact : sometimes Baboons do keep Dogs as Pets (but this will most likely not make it into the Game)
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