Planet Zoo - Custom Billboards

Sounds great. What exactly do you mean with still Video Footage?
Regarding the Lobster, I would need to take a Look at all those Species first
Edit: the Western Rock Lobster seems to resemble most the kind of Lobster I want, but either Google only shows Pictures that aren't that good or all those Species don't have Claws or only very small ones. Even though they aren't even close to what I'm searching, the Slipper Lobster does also look like a interesting Animal that I might like to add to my Zoo.

Found out that the Species I'm searching for is the Maine Lobster.
The Tropical Rock Lobster does also look interesting. Do you also have Footage of these 2?
I think I could build a complete Zoo just with Lobsters😂
I assume you don't have a complete List of Species that you have suitable Footage of?

Hi Urufu, will get that complete list for you, not sure that the Maine lobster is in there, but getting footage of it, should not be a problem. What I meant is that all of the footage has been captured after setting up the camera at a specific angle, where you can see either the complete frontal view of the aquarium tank or if in a natural setting, the camera has been mounted in the bottom of a river/lake/canal/ocean floor etc. The idea is to create the illusion of a real life aquarium tank, so a video that is taken by hand would even from a locked position would not produce the immersion and quality you are going after. In Planet Coaster there were excellent quality acrylic panels that when placed over the video billboards would further create a 3d vibe, it would sort of add another layer to aquarium effect. Sadly the current acrylic pieces we have in PZ are just not transparent enough, and you lose a lot of quality placing them over 4k videos. Hopefully if there is ever a TMT in PZ we can get those see thru acrylic pieces or even an option for flexi color where we can adjust them to our specific needs. This would be a great idea for the modders in the meantime as well.
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