Planet Zoo - July Catch Up

Chante Goodman

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Hayo zookeepers!

Welcome to the Planet Zoo July Monthly Catch Up! We've had a fun month with you all, from kicking it off with our Chester Zoo charity stream, to seeing all of your wonderful, new creations on the Steam Workshop. These catch ups are designed for you to be up-to-date with everything Planet Zoo, so without further ado, here's what happened in July!

To start, we had a fantastic charity stream for Chester Zoo, where we raised over £6,500 together! We heard from Zookeeper Amber about what it's like to work at Chester Zoo, which struggled to stay running during the pandemic lockdown due to how expensive it is to run a zoo. Thankfully, people from around the world donated over £2.5 million to the brilliant zoo, which the Planet Zoo devs visited when developing the game, so they'll be able to stay open and looking after the animals in their care. After speaking to Amber, we did a quiz with the devs and people in chat, and finished with a big raffle. Missed the stream? Not a problem! You can watch it back on YouTube here:

This month, we also said goodbye to Lead Community Manager Bo, who has now left Frontier. You can read her goodbye post here. There have been some changes to the team following Bo's departure, which you can read all about here. In short, Planet Zoo now has a new Lead Community Manager, Tim, and Community Manager Paul has moved off Planet Zoo, onto Elite Dangerous.

On the 29 July, we celebrated International Tiger Day. We used the day to raise awareness for global conservation efforts, and hope you used the day to learn more about what you can do to help one of the planet's most iconic species thrive.

On a separate note, we hope you are continuing to show support for the various content creators who we have hosted on Twitch. Sadly, we are still unable to resume our frequent streaming schedule during this pandemic as we continue to work from home, but we're grateful to see so many people streaming Planet Zoo! Please have a read of the Weekly Schedule which is posted on the forums every Monday, as we'll let you know who is streaming and when. If you are a content creator who is looking to play some Planet Zoo, let us know!

Finally, as we always do to finish our Catch Up, we'll be finishing by sharing all the Zoopedia Facts that were posted this month:
  • Spotted Hyenas are extremely intelligent; their group cooperation and skill learning abilities are on par with Chimpanzees.
  • Giant Tortoises can survive for longer than 6 months without eating or drinking.
  • Common Warthogs back into their burrows so that they are facing outwards and can charge at predators if they are at risk.
  • Siberian Tigers can reach speeds of 60kmh (40mph), even across snow.
  • When African Wild Dog pups are born, they take priority in the pack, even over the alphas. They eat before all other dogs.
Thanks for reading our July Monthly Catch Up! We'll be back next month with more news, and any extra information you may have missed. See you then!
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