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Hayo Zookeepers!

We're pleased to reveal free Update 1.3, coming to Planet Zoo 25 August, 2020.

This free update contains community requested features and some exciting new additions to Planet Zoo! This post will go in-depth about the upcoming additions, and how it will affect your gameplay.


Animal Colour Variation
We're excited to introduce differences in animal colour, which will make it easier to identify individuals around your zoos. We've done so by sticking to known and realistic colours, and by improving upon the general appearance of groups and herds with subtler differences in colour.
We've added a way for you to see colour and pattern information from the Animal Market trading window, to make it easier for you to carry out your breeding and population goals, and to provide our colourblind players with information. This includes the scientific terms for the Colourmorphs we use in-game, such as if an albino is classed as Albino, Leucistic, or simply another colour.

The availability of inheritable Colourmorph genes in the animal market population is now variable per species, in particular:
  • 6% (approx.) of the Jaguar population are now Black Jaguars
  • Bird and Reptile Albinism or Leucism are now more likely than before; in-line with natural results
  • Llama colourmorphs are extremely common, and follow the same breeding rules as albinos, with an additional set of colour variations

In addition to the Colourmorph genetics, your existing zoo animals carry existing genetic information for both colour and pattern. This information applies colour variation on top of the animals existing textures, and allows for subtle and gradual changes in colour between different animals.
When animals breed, their offspring create colour and pattern values in a range around the average of their parents, most often looking similar to at least one of their parents. However, there is now a small chance that colour or pattern will pick a value far away from the parent colour, perhaps looking more like a distant relative.

The team researched animal colour and pattern variation, and found that documentation was rare and highly variable in quality depending on the species. We've done our absolute best to stick to research photo reference, and do them justice. With this in mind, we've tried to avoid colouration that only applies to single, individual animals, as the contrast of colour would begin to look strange in groups.
We have not added colour variation to exhibit animals, partly because their environments are so dense it is harder to distinguish minor variation at a distance. The highly saturated and often very distinct colours and patterns would be more suited to additional Colourmorphs.


Animal Food Management Page
The team are adding an Animal Food Management page, to provide you with one location to see all of the animals and habitats in your zoo and what Food Grades the animals are being given. In this menu, you'll be able to see:
  • The projected food costs for the year
  • How many keepers are assigned to look after your animals in a habitat
  • How much time has passed since your animals were last fed
  • Whether your animals are hungry or not
  • The total cost per year for feeding all of your animals.
  • The total number of keepers in the zoo
  • The total number of keepers assigned to habitats
  • The total number of keepers not assigned to habitats
You'll be able to change the Food Grades for your animals in this menu. This menu has been designed with community feedback in mind, to make it easier for you to access and stay on top of Food Management around your zoo for multiple habitats.

New Sandbox Map
A brand new landscape set in a location to be revealed soon! With new terrain textures, surroundings and sky.


Timed Scenarios
With this update, we are adding a free Timed Scenario in Estonia! Make sure you check it out!
Timed Scenarios task you with completing objectives against the clock, awarding Bronze, Silver and Gold medals based on how long it takes for you to complete a scenario. We'll be providing you with a list of objectives, but unlike Career Scenarios, these objectives must be maintained once they're achieved, or they will become incomplete again.


Vending Machines
Vending Machines have been heavily requested, so we're introducing them into Planet Zoo! These work as a cheaper alternative for your guests to help satisfy their needs, but it's important to note that the food and drink from the Vending Machines don't satisfy as much as an item from a shop. They require power to work, so make sure you place them around power sources.
Our veteran Planet players should know that the placement of vending machines differs to Planet Coaster; in Planet Zoo they are placed like a path extra, such as a bench or a bin, and not like a shop with a path connection.


Staff Management Multi-select
Thanks to community feedback, we're adding in multi-select to the Staff Management UI, meaning that you can select more than one member of Staff at the same time. With this, you will now be able to:
  • Train multiple Staff at once
  • Give multiple Staff pay rises (in increments of $10)
  • Assign multiple Staff to work zones
  • Fire multiple members of Staff at once.

Quality of Life
We've been reading your community suggestions and, thanks to your feedback, we have created a variety of new features:
Dismiss Functionality for Zoo Alerts
You'll now be able to dismiss zoo alerts using the new trash can icon.
Scenery Light Toggle
You'll now have the ability to turn on or off scenery lights all the time, instead of them just coming on automatically at night. Lights will not work without power unless they're solar powered.
More Creativity!
We're thrilled to bring you additional creativity with new scenery assets! The foliage includes plants and smaller sapling trees to complement their larger cousins, while we're adding in three new paths, and the free rocks have been made to complement our new Biome.

Update 1.3 will be paired with bug fixes and gameplay tweaks that are designed to improve your Planet Zoo experience - you'll get the full list of Update Notes when 1.3 goes live on 25 August!
Thanks to you all for providing us with feedback, suggestions and support. You've been absolutely fantastic.
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Thanks forever 🥳 🙏😇
I don't know what to say, I'm very excited. 🤗
I want August 25 to come as soon as possible. :)
But as far as we understand, DLC will not be released with the free update this time. but no problem this update is great! :)
It is very nice that you can offer us such good things in these difficult times... 😇
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I'm not gonna lie... I love that now I can have lights be active. Now I can make dark ride scenes for my transport vehicles, like a Yeti Encounter, Dinosaur attraction, and more. I'm also excited for this new biome. If this means what I think it does, I'm excited to what new additions will be available for my zoos
this is some great news, and i have to say im really excited to jump back into the game to check it all out.
Just one little question, is this everything thats coming with the new update or is there also bug fixes coming? I havent seen anything about fixes in the post, but could be that it will certainly have fixes and thats why they didnt list them?
What a great sounding update.!
Vending machines and color variations will be very welcome. Maybe one day we will get the option to tab/toggle through animals within a habitat, just not yet.

"new biome" "brand new landscape set in a location to be revealed"

Sounds like incoming DLC not too far from now. That picture looks VERY North-Americanish to me.
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