Planet Zoo YouTube Video Thread

This video is a relaxed time-lapse of a new Tundra habitat design and building in Planet Zoo with a note about Polar Bears and their endangered species status as a Vulnerable species. If you need inspiration and have a hard time getting started on making new habitats this video is especially helpful for you, as it is mean as a inspiration tool to get you to relax and just build a habitat and see what you create instead of trying to think up a design in advanced. The relaxing music should help with this process as well.

Hi, guys, do you know about PZ video tutorial for advanced building? I know how to build on the grid, the basics. But I saw some videos where people build like central piece and then rotate their pieces around it somehow. And many other things. I have problems to align items, even with ctrl+x, they are every time slightly off.
The build in today's video is so big it couldn't be contained in a single video! We're making a large Education Center in Wildlife World, part one is all about the interior of the building, check it out!
We're back with Part 2 of our Education Center build plus we take a look at the massive safari habitat we've been working on during our live streams!
Watched it earlier. He is very creative imagine what he could do if he tried lol. Hilarious videos tho I never play the game that way but you knew someone was going to lol.
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