Planetary Ring Hotspots Not Scanning?.

I just returned to mining after a few months and find that either I am doing it wrong or there is a bug in scanning rings for hotspots. Previously and before the last update I scanned a pristine ring in an empty system not far from my home base and had several different yellow rings of different hotspots. On returning there this time I find that the yellow circles have all disappeared, there is no mention of them in the system info screen either and as I go round the rings at low altitude there is a Painite circle appears in the older format. I try to scan the rings but the probes just bend away from the ring and go to the planet. I checked out a couple of You Tube vids for advice but my scanner doesn't seem to work that way anymore. I have used the FSS and DSS before successfully and believe I have them set up properly so unsure if this is a bug or something has changed since the last update?.
Discovery Scanner when you shoot at the rings make sure the word "Ring" appears around the target recital and that the words of the scanner turn blue and you've slowed all the way back on the throttle or you are actually shooting at the planet, sometimes they pass right through on me though it's like you have to be around 90' from the rings. Hope this helps.
If you've shot the ring before it won't keep shooting it. You obviously need to be in Analysis mode to see the ring, but I've had the same issue you're having now, where old rings I probed no longer show their hotspots. It could be that they are no longer hotspots? Not sure. There's some weird stuff with the probes and analysis mode, buggy it seems.
Yep, it's definitely buggy I'd say, thinking of all those planets that already show a grid even though you never fired probes at them before... Or very close binarys that show mirrored effects on the grid when probing one of them and so on...

So vanishing hotspots in rings do fit into that picture...
Can confirm I saw this over the weekend. Went to my favourite VO hotspot, only to find that although the circle markers were there, the orange glow was not. It was still a hotspot though, made 122M Cr... :)

Oh, I also toggled modes repeatedly to no avail.
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