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I enjoy watching these videos in the PVP section but i cannot help but notice most all of them are plasmas and rails all the time. I get it, I have been playing for a very long time, I know they are hard to use and take practice and skill and have a reward for that via absolute damage. This is not a cry for a nerf to plasmas or rails by any means. All I am saying is, at this point isn't it all just a bit stale? I mean almost every video (no offense to those who made them) is just the same old flying in circles around each other launching glowing potatoes at each other and getting the occasional rail snipe to cancel the shield bank that is regenerating the already inflated shield with copious amounts of skill boosters. Is this really all that pvp will be until maybe 2020? Isn't anyone else just a bit bored of this? It is almost like space basket ball you run around each other and try to get the space ball in the hoop.
I've been bored of it since it begun, especially annoying when there's a wing of TLB plasma boys coming for you.

Imo, the special effects should get looked at a few times more, they are a lot more useful than what you can mod for the other weapons.

But as we can see from the drag drives patch, whenever a new weapon experimental effect enters the jousting fdl plasma rail pvp scene, it's whined about till it's removed.
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I'm fine with tlb the way it is now they did a small nerf to it, more could be done and i would be fine with it but dont want to hit it too hard. I just think maybe these weapons should not be as spammable as they are able to be right now. Make the heat go up more for each shot consecutively within a certain time frame maybe? I know they already cause alot of heat and that is even with efficients but the thing is that you can fire 4 efficient ones and still spam all day without taking any considerable heat damage. If you are using that many of them and spamming them the heat should rise more and more to compensate until you let up. Yes I know the distro takes a hit when using alot of them, but it is not enough, most people that know how to use them know to only fire them when the distro is full anyways that way all of them fire off. The capacitor can recharge quickly enough to have them be spammable. Even when the heat bug was a thing they were still not that hard on heat management.
Fixed weapons are just more fun. In 1vs1 a lot of guys who post those "meta videos" will lose vs full gimball medium if they not have more than 1 chaff (80+%) It's more of a style than efficiency, especially if you not use mouse to make those LR rail snipes. BTW i always see "gimbal scrub" but never "meta scrub":) And other weapons are quite popular, so far it seems that frag mamba is favour of the may:) Special notice to power play systems where ships carry some higher endurance weapons to farm NPC's in addition to std PA's/rails
Plasma Cannons do a huge amount of damage per shot, and a large percentage of that ignores the target's damage resistances.

Railguns are pin-point accurate and damage modules regardless of how much damage the target's hull has taken.

Both allow you to kill opponents by completely ignoring the bulk of their defenses, it's really not surprising they're so popular given that FDev have let us engineer our way out of most of the downsides of these tremendously powerful weapons that allow you to subvert a very large amount of the shield and hull HP bloat in the game.
You can also try using torpedoes but they're easy to avoid so probably not really worth it, even I've recently just made a Cutter and I'm using PAs and imperial hammers.
The hardest weapons to use should be the most effective should they not? Perhaps we're just missing options? Fdev have spent the last two years giving us weapons that are virtually useless for PvP, that's probably why it seems stale.
Fdev have spent the last two years giving us weapons that are virtually useless for PvP, that's probably why it seems stale.
Sad is that stale is just not optimal game design more than laziness of FD, we already have weapons that can be refreshing for pvp, shock cannons with more ammo could be one, we could imagine giving another similar to those but firing plasma projectiles, guardian weapons is another freak. Current ammo count and synthesis for shock cannons are so ridiculous that i posted issue in bug report!
Well.... Plasmas are difficult to use. Ok, they do a lot of absolute damage and can make some ing effects for the target, but if you use efficient the proyectile is very slow, and if you use long range the proyectile is very quick, but can toast your ship easily.

On the other hand, a weapon that in my opinion should me nerfed (a liitle bit) are the frag cannons. Any whith almost no skill can use a full gimballed frag Mamba and make hilarious amounts of damage whithout even have to aim, meanwhile his rival using plasmas, fixed multicannons or whatever have to aim carefully to make less damage, and I think it´s not balanced

Fdev had a shy attempt to change that with the drag munition change - but the outcry that occurred 24h before anyone actually seen them in use and what cooldown would be to the effect... well, it was really intense.
Go look at Truesilver's vids. You could also look at Na'Qan's.

From what I've watched and read, both are/were outstanding at defensive maneuvers. In fact, I'd like to see more pvp experts showcasing "how not to get hit." Defensive posturing is probably the single most understated aspect of fighting in Elite D. I certainly need improvement with it.

Rooks o7
I started using a triple beam FDL just to mix it up a little.

Damage is abysmal, and it totally smokes the distro, but it’s easy to be evasive and plenty fun to fly.

Shame they don’t do more damage, ‘cause I’ve taken down quite a few ‘serious’ builds, it just takes forever lol.
lasers need buff imo, and i m talking from both PVP and PVE standpoint, i took my viper 4 to CZ, with other weapons not available i was left with 2 gimballed pulse and burst lasers in small hardpoints. Oh god, i rage quit after taking like 15minuts to kill single hi ranked medium npc, my pvp fights are shorter!
BUT, it work both ways, npc's with lasers can be ignored, they are just annoying and not challenging gameplay, extra 10% to dps to all lasers is modest buff IMO, or change fallof ranges to reach multi-cannons levels maybe?
You don't see "meta scrub" because PAs and rails are a lot harder to land than literal auto-aim weapons. Imagine bragging about winning a fight where you don't have to aim.
It's easier than getting turrets to hit someone using chaff, so therefore turrets are the highest-skill weapons. Checkmate.
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