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Hi Player Tool Creators,

Would you add VR support if you had a library to easily integrate VR into your tools?

I take the resistance in embracing VR is that the effort is not worth it because there are not a lot of VR players.
I mean, instead of generating interfaces only in 2D, developers could also generate interfaces in VR. Would a library specific to generating 2D overlays simply help this integration?
I'm reading the OpenVR API documentation and it seems in order to create an overlay all you need (simplified) essentially is a texture (image) and 3D space and size vectors.

The library I'm considering would allow you to submit a texture and VR attributes to the library and the interface would be generated, or submit an interface description which includes VR attributes to generate an interface.

Developers should already have access to texture information, and OpenVR accepts the following textures:

typedef enum ETextureType
    ETextureType_TextureType_Invalid = -1,
    ETextureType_TextureType_DirectX = 0,
    ETextureType_TextureType_OpenGL = 1,
    ETextureType_TextureType_Vulkan = 2,
    ETextureType_TextureType_IOSurface = 3,
    ETextureType_TextureType_DirectX12 = 4,
    ETextureType_TextureType_DXGISharedHandle = 5,
    ETextureType_TextureType_Metal = 6,
} ETextureType;
And if I feel adventurous, I might even add interactivity.
Wouldn't an additional rendered 3d interface suck out frames out of already poor performing Elite engine?
Not as much as you think. I mean, you're not rendering a fully fledged VR game in the interface. lol
You're just presenting information. So the resources such an interface would use would be negligable.
The application itself, such as EDDI, would impact the game more than the overlay would.
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