Please fix the Power-Sources

Often Animals in my Nocturnal House are starving because the Keeper Hut very often isn't powered. I've built a second Wind Turbine next to the other one but it is still happening a lot because they need to be repaired at exactly the same Time. A Research Option would also be nice so Power-Sources and Water Filtration Systems wouldn't need to be repaired as often as they do currently. I've lost way too many Aardvarks and Pangolins because of this
You need to optimize your available staff, their work zones and work loads. If your mechanic has too far to walk or too many things to look after or research things, they won’t have time to fix things. Also make sure you get the notifications when something needs attention.

If everything is set up well, you don’t have to micromanage the maintenance of barriers and power sources with very rare exceptions. If your issue is with one particular power source, you can always create a work zone for just this power source, assign a mechanic to that zone and make sure that their staff room is close by. Although they might get bored and quit after a while, but then just hire a replacement.
It seems like I can get a lot of new Staff Members when I somehow can get completely rid of Refunds. I hope I will find a Way when Refunds come back to the Game. Hopefully I will earn enough Money to have a lot of Time to figure out how I could do it better.
But it is annoying to place a Backup Turbine when it needs to be repaired at the exact same Time as the other one.
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