Please make getting ranks in federation or empire easier

I have been playing for since the beta and had really terrible luck with gaining rank in the Federation and Empire. I won't get rank up missions for like 2 or 3 weeks and it is really getting on my nerves. The most recent one was to kill 15 pirates and I went out and killed 15 of the mission targets, then the game glitched and wouldn't let me turn them in for the mission, so I couldn't get the rank. I am getting really fed up with the RNG I am getting and I am only 2 ranks away, but not having any real fun trying to get this ship that I love the look of.
Rank missions are chain missions so they only appear after you've done some missions for a faction. Donations are very good for triggering chain missions.

When you get a chain mission it changes every time you reload the mission board, so if you don't like the look of one just reload.


The problem is that the missions are generally the same

  • Scan surface settlement
  • Kill some pirates
  • Kill a specific person
  • Kill some opposing faction ships
  • Bring stuff here to there
  • Find stuff and bring it back
Worst thing is that, the scan / kill missions (with the exception of pirates), sometimes makes no sense as it involves you working for a major power, killing another ship from a different minor power, but also aligned with the same major power.

Know what I mean? You working for one Fed faction against another Fed faction. So you either end up trespassing, but more often than not, killing another ship, skimmer or turret, and then getting a bounty on your head. Just to rank up in the Federation.

You tell me FDev... how the heck does that even work semantically speaking?

It's like the Cops in New York asking me to steal something from the evidence room of a police station in New Jersey. WTH?
I'll get champagne and pats on the back in NY, but am now a crim in NJ. Plus, I should be on the Fed's wanted list now, right?

Does that even make sense?

I should be doing missions against pirates, or the Alliance / Empire, right??
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