Please refresh my memory (Guardian thingies)

Back when I started playing the game, one of the first things I did was to go and get the FSD booster, which was tedious when you didn't already have it (in an unengineered DBX). I saw a video on the Tube and after a couple of rebuys (and fitting a point defence) I finally got all the stuff that I needed.

Recently, I've started thinking about unlocking some of the other Guardian thingies, but I simply can't remember if the blueprint is specific to the site? Can I just go and get more than one blueprint from the same site and trade them in to unlock different modules?
2 types of blueprint
Weapons and modules.
Some guardian sites are weps related some module.
Apart from that no difference.

Oh missed them thx for heads up..
Also fighters yeah. Not gone for them. Are they any good?
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I only need some modules, but might buy a fighter to the collection just because they're cool thingies, even though they're pretty useless except for crazy flying.
I'm gonna be trying to unlock guardian tech soon but I have a question before I do.

If I go and get a blueprint (module or weapon) and all the other stuff required to unlock the tech, will I then be able to buy the module or weapon at any time? For example, say I unlock the FSD booster will I then be able to buy any size FSD booster at any time and however many times I like? I won't need to repeat the shenanigans at the Guardian sites every time I want a Guardian module or weapon will I because, to be honest, it sounds like a ball ache.

I have all tech broker blueprints unlocked, but I've been waiting ages for a hull that is immune to the caustic effect from thargoid attacks and caustic clouds so I can finally ditch the decontamination limpet controller. Still waiting for Guardian shield generators and thrusters.
I visited two guardian sites last night and it really wasn't that much of a pain.

A map of the site is essential as is point defence on top of your ship parked nearby. I have no idea how much damage those missiles do as none of them hit me. Its good of the sentinels to fire them up nice and high so the PD has all the time it needs to shoot them down. I had a second SRV just in case but I was more of a danger to myself than the sentinels were. My hull was down to 69% at one point but that was only because I managed to flip the SRV over a couple of times. The sentinels didn't once take out my shields even when there were 4 of them. They don't exactly pursue you so you can position yourself so you're only in the firing line of one at a time. There's plenty of stuff to hide behind.

I was worried that the timer that starts once you activate the first pillar thing would mean I was rushing around like a mad man but you get loads of time (don't think I got below six mins left) so that's not a problem.

The only thing I had to re-log for was the guardian tech components as I needed a total of 41 for the two blueprints I wanted (the FSD booster and the class 2 gauss cannon).

I made the mistake of landing at the first POI that appeared as I approached the first planet which was just an ancient ruin. Drove around that getting confused for about 10 mins before noticing the POI named guardian structure which was the one I needed.

Otherwise, the whole experience wasn't nearly as much bother as I thought it would be. If I'd known it was going to be that straightforward, I wouldn't have put it off for so long. As with everything else in this game, the sound and visuals at the sites are excellent.
Yeah the "I won't do AX combat because I refuse to do the guardian megagrind" doesn't hold much water for me.
I mean, grind is part and parcel in Elite, to get anything good, you have to grind and the Guardian one is actually quite decent imo🤷‍♂️
Glad you got sorted Lumbertubs, now slap some Gauss on a ship and go hunting😈
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