Powerplay Point farming!?

I'm trying to farm the 30 points a peice from enemies flying around. Is it possible to either interdict or be interdicted and have them keep decending into the instance. Or do you have to keep popping back out. I'm experimenting with the difference between doing a crime sweep or just getting the guys in the system for 30 points each. Not sure on the time efficiencty between the two as you can get wings with up to 120 points per instance. One is definitely a lot less work.
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You have to enter and exit an instance to make PP ships spawn. You do not have to be in supercruise as it's possible to get them to spawn at resource extraction sites and nav beacons. This tends to be pretty quick but you still have to enter and exit the instance to get the next batch to come back.
I'm trying to get bounties on me atm and get them to interdict me so I can submit and kill them. It's a relaxing method. 8)

And 30 points a piece.

And once I get them mad enough I'll pop in and out of haz reses to make them spawn. If I can get them to pop up I can get 10,000 fast. Especially if they come in wings.
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As stated above, the fastest method is to fast track Power Commodities whilst the fastest combat method is nav beacon manipulation. I would suggest @Noobilite that you join the official community for the Power you are earning Merits for & they'll not only teach you the fastest way (or whichever way you want) to earn Merits but the most useful place to do it at.

Arissa Lavigny-Duval can be found on Discord at… https://discord.gg/h28SG5H

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