Potential Change Scope from Alpha?

Hi Forum Dwellers,

First time posting here as I am really excited for this game and have watched hours of YouTube videos so far of people a lot more creative than mean building fantastic stuff with the Alpha version.

My main question and the reason for creating an account is that I want to wait for close to the final release build before starting to play this game myself and want to know how much the issues faced by the alpha testers will be resolved for the official release.

From what I can tell looking at the videos/streams of the alpha the biggest issues are the following:

1) Paths. They are not flexible enough to design areas how people want with things like plazas and queues that don't have terrain gaps. Maybe an solution would be to have floor tiles and then invisible paths to direct the peeps how you want without disturbing your visual appearance.

2) Scenery clipping. People have been making fantastic buildings even with the limited theme set of the alpha but this gets ruined a bit when peeps start walking through walls because there is a bit of an overlap on the path. Any plans to prevent collision with scenery, maybe being able to place invisible wall to stop them walking certain ways?

3) Food Courts. These are a major part of theme parks where people buy food from various shops and go over to tables to eat it. Will there be tables objects you can place outside of your shops so so peeps with food can sit down? Example is that Silver youtuber who built an amazing alpine themed restaurant area but it is just for visual appearance and not a real area and that is a damn shame.

All that being said the game looks amazing, and has incredible potential. I know there is a balance between having too much detail so just want to know where the guidelines are for the final version.

Keep up the amazing work!
Firstly, Welcome to the forums! Hope you stay for a long time and enjoy the game . The reason for the alpha is so frontier can get the feed back from users, they are so used to creating paths, it's second nature to them and can't see the problems any more so a fresh pair of eyes are needed - they do listen and make changes so I'm sure it will get better.

1. Paths - I'm getting use to it now and find it fairly easy to design with them, but of course they could be better, plazas, non rounded corners etc would all be great.

2. Clipping - the problem with this is that users are building buildings over paths, rather than next to them, Sillvert (sp) did it in his alpine village and built the main street on the side path rather than up to it. Maybe better pathing system will help, but we should really build up to the path rather than over it. So I think the clipping issue is mainly down to the creator, but others I've seen where users have put barrels on the queue path to "cover the grass section" and the guests walked through these - now if we didn't let them clip though, we could potentially block paths with barrels etc. Hmm

3. Food courts - Tables etc will be coming - Pity they didn't put any in the alpha along with benches / bins - I believe I've even seen videos of the guests eating at the table, but not sure where.

Already, it's amazing, even for alpha and the potential is just mind blowing.