Power cycle of 2019-09-05 has failed

How about you wait until all the servers are back on.
How about understanding the importance of an accurate tick time for PowerPlay?

Every time the tick has been delayed for more than a few minutes for PowerPlay, it has resulted in a poopoo-storm on the forums and reddit, because thousands of people's collective efforts depend on the tick happening on time. Unannounced delays of this kind are an anathema to cooperative play like PowerPlay, especially as history has shown that it never results in an end-result that everyone can accept as "fair".
Tick happens when the servers go down. They went down on time.

Getting the servers back on is a different story.
Considering it's not online now... my guess is servers came up, FD went "Oh damn, didn't work" and now they're fixing it.
Failed ticks aren't great but considering all of the other problems with Powerplay I'm inclined not to get too upset about them personally. It might even precipitate a re-prioritising of any Powerplay update with everything being somewhat seemingly so brittle.

CMDR Justinian Octavius
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