Engineers Power Distributor Mod for combat Cutter?

Just want to know which one is best to go with for a PvP-spec Cutter. I've got more than enough materials for all the G5 mods, not sure which one to go with though.
Jumping on the bandwagon, like others have already said, forget every other PD engineer upgrade bar Charge Enhanced, if not you're as mad as a box of Frogs!
I use charge enhanced for my cutter and every ship I use for combat. I used charge capacity on several lightweight builds where I still wanted to boost.
if anything, i would only consider the "cheaper" engine focused Grade 3 (max) as alternative for ships where i just want to fly around and avoid any combat.
none of the blueprints has a primary impact on mass. maybe there are secondary rolls - but then i would still go a cheap BP that i can roll often.
Same question. Wouldn't be weapon focused better for a pvp cutter particulary?
The gain in WEP capacity with respect to Charge Enhanced usually does not make up for the loss in capacity and charge for SYS and ENG. WEP charge is almost the same (with Super Conduits for both).

The total budget you can use to recharge shield, fire weapons and boost is the sum of the charge rates.
Having higher capacitance allows to be lazier with pips, but commanders more experienced than myself will make up with pip management and using burst weapons etc.

The cutter is hit a lot because of its size and is recharging shields a lot as well (it has the largest shields of all playable shops). It is fast but turns slowly so should boost a lot.

The Imperial Cutter can fit a size 8 Shield generator, which can draw more than a 7A Distributor can deliver with 4 pips on SYS, depending on type of the Shield Generator (Bi-Weave!) and engineering of both modules.
Charge enhanced/super conduits is the way to go for all combat ships with very few exceptions. One would be if you need more weapons capacity to fire all weapons at once, but usually charge enhanced/cluster cap can take care of that.
I have a better question. Why on earth are you using a Cutter for PvP?
I'm with Sir Ganks. If you haven't heard that charge enhanced is really the only way to go and you're looking to spec a Cutter it's reasonable to conclude you're just getting into PvP.

If that's true, consider starting with smaller vessels. Too many pilots put tons of work into a big ship like the Cutter and then wonder why they get smoked on the regular.
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