Discussion Problems with EDMCoverlay

EDMCoverlay has always acted weird for me. working sometimes and not others. But recently it seems to not be working at all. I've tried running edmc and the overlay in admin mode. I've tried switching between borderless and windowed and back. I've rebooted. I don't know what else to try. any help would be appreciated.
I have issues too. But with the following procedure it seems to work every time.
  • start Elite (the game proper, not just the launcher) and alt-tab back to windows
  • navigate to the EDMC Overlay folder (should be C:\Users\<your login>\AppData\Local\EDMarketConnector\plugins\EDMCOverlay)
  • launch EDMCoverlay.exe
  • launch EDMC itself
  • alt-tab back to the game. The EDMCoverlay welcome message should appear
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