Problems with targets and triggers

I'm trying to create a shooting game with the Quick Draw ride but I'm running into a few problems with triggers and targets.
Sometimes targets and/or the triggers stop working while testing the shooting game. Sometimes they start working again on their own, other times I have to replace the target and create new triggers for it to work again. It happens most with triggered items that are created with the thememakers toolkit but it also happens to targets with simple light triggers. Targets and triggers seem to always work when guests shoot at them, so I'm sure they are all connected correctly.
The amount of time a target stays deactivated has problems too. Some targets will randomly stay deactivated and others will always be active and ignore the timer that sets the activation time.
Are there ways to quick fix broken targets? Deleting and undo doesn't work but maybe someone else has this problem and knows a quick way to fix it?
Are you making sure you always choose to test the shooting from the config menu rather than just testing the ride as a guest?
Yes, I'm sure I'm not in pov mode when testing the rides. The problem doesn't effect all the targets. Some of them always keep working, no matter how complicated the triggers are. Other targets will just randomly stop working or the triggers to them won't respond when testing the shooting game.
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