Parks Project : SFOG 2018 - The Recreation

Are you putting in the bumper cars or leaving them out? Does the steam train have two or three stations? Are you doing the Monster Plantation or whatever it’s called? Is that a haunted house boat ride?
I will not be putting in the bumper cars for this version because it has been replaced by the Justice League interactive dark ride. But I will be putting the vintage "Hanson Cars". The railroad only has 2 stations.

Yes I will be doing Monster Mansion. Me personally, I don't consider it a scary ride lol.. just a dark ride based on some friendly Georgia monsters with a "Southern hospitality" theme. It has animatronics that dance and "talk" to you. I still have the audio files for this ride so I will try my best to make it as accurate as possible. But it's going to be a challenge trying to recreate the actual characters themselves ..i.e. Marshal Billy Bob Fritter, Mizzy Scarlett, and the adorable Buzby.


It is my favorite kid ride at the park (obviously for nostalgic & historic reasons) It's been a staple attraction of SFOG for almost 40 years.
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1/10 Video Update : British Section completed, working on Peachtree Square

this is a great recreation i love that more people besides my self are doing these ! only thing why are the pics so blurry ?
also just a head up i would really try to keep the tree count low once you get to finishing the park your fps will tank with all the rides going at once ,btu this is great cant wait to see it done !
I definitely haven't given up! There have been some things in my personal life that have taken some attention away from the project, but sure enough , expect some updates in March. Thank you for bearing with me. I appreciate it!

A quick update- Peachtree Square (Formerly known as Confederate Section) is almost complete, started working on the entrance for Dahlonega Mine Train & Sky buckets. Rabun Gap Station is complete as well.

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I know right - wouldn't it be the best, if we had skybuckets and gondola type transport? Best game ever . . . brilliant park by the way - really love seeing your amazing photos!
Hope to see more of this...Its looking great. Really like the sky ride, you have done a great job on it. Too bad it is not in the game...would be nice to fly above the parks on a skyride. Keep up the good work.
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