PS4 Auto Launch bug

The auto launch works most of the time, but fails big time on various occasions, for instance, placing you in a que, then time running out before the station fines you or worse destroys your shop, this needs sorting.
Not a bug. It's a flight ASSIST. You should always be able to fly your ship adequately yourself, and know when you need to.

It's a bug, plain and clear. And a >very< very old one (as old as the Game itself), just one that's gotten a new dimension with the Adv. Docking Computer.

Reason : the original and unfixed bug of NPCs "getting lost" and ending up getting destroyed. All while blocking the entire Station queue.
Adv. Docking Computer uses the same logic and it can queue itself happily behind a bugged NPC until the Station destroys the Player under such circumstances.

Don't ever expect this bug to be really fixed. NPCs didn't get fixed in 4+ years.

The bug is most likely to hit in busy and long-running Player-populated instances with multiple Island handovers.
NPCs are extremely likely to eventually enter a stale deadlock, and so is any Adv. Docking Computer attempting to queue itself behind such lost NPCs or even a full chain reaction of NPCs blocking each other.

Since it's normally visible if NPCs are aimlessly stale or float around the Station in odd places... it's then best to manually take Control and depart the Station the oldschool way.
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