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Distant worlds 2 PS4 Fleet Mechanics

What are the Fleet Mechanics?
The Fleet Mechanics is one of the roles that you can join as part of the Distant Worlds 2 expedition. Our primary aim is to keep the rest of the fleet repaired throughout the expedition and do our best to make sure everyone makes it back home.
Yes the Mechanics role will be present on all platforms, and this is the source page for the PS4 community.

Why Have Fleet Mechanics on Distant Worlds 2 at all?
A long distance exploration trip such as DW2 is inherently dangerous. Ship collisions, emergency super-cruise drops, high gravity planets, landing damage and other mishaps can all ruin a pilot’s day, and DW2 will take much longer than a day.

Over time mistakes will also play a factor as fatigue, distraction and complacency take their toll. In addition, the longer ships are out in the black, the more damage they will be susceptible to. Integrity is very important, and by the time we reach Beagle point, that mitigating factor will be in short supply.

In short, most people can expect to take damage at some stage in the expedition. Nobody will have to turn back due to hull/canopy damage; nobody will need to fly cautiously because the fleet mechanics will be on hand with repair limpets!

It's more than likely that most of the larger ships will be carrying their own controller and limpets for repairs. That's absolutely fine, but it's unlikely to be their top priority. For the Mechanics, the smaller ships are our first port of call, making sure the brave souls in them are safe are our top priority.

What do I have to do as a Mechanic and how will it work?
To be able to repair you will need to carry a cargo rack and fit a repair limpet controller. To go with that you will need limpets or limpet synthesis materials (Iron and Nickel). Ideally, carrying either a mining laser or an Planetary vehicle hanger to be able to gather materials during the trip is highly recommended.

We will support the whole fleet by offering our repair service at the base-camps and way-points. This is expected to be topping people up to 100% from minor scrapes and bruises.

For serious repairs there will be a Discord Channel that will be used as both a repair requests channel and an emergency channel. When a request comes in we will use the Fuel Rats method so there is a dispatcher to assign mechanic(s) on the channel to each case.

For PS4 operations, there will be a PSN chat page that I will invite everyone who has volunteered, to be able to coordinate with them in game.

Your role in this is to get involved as much as you want to personally. The aim of any of us playing the game is to have fun and enjoy ourselves; as such there are no requirements or online hours.
If you want to just meet at the basecamps and fire a few limpets that’s fantastic, if you want to dispatch repair requests that’s great! If you are too busy simply flying from waypoint to waypoint then no problems!

What else is there?
The main part of the role is highly individual in its nature; an important part of DW2 is bringing people together, as a result we expect to hold several meet-ups during the expedition. Plans are still being finalized but some of these will be focused on gathering materials with the support of the Rock Rats, others will be gatherings for repairing the fleet and some meet-ups will be simply to have fun and blow off some steam.

There will also be a few mini-competitions with prizes throughout the expedition for the mechanics. The planning for this is complete and details will be released at the appropriate times during the expedition.

What big things could change between now and launch?
Now that we're aware of exactly what mining entails, there looks as though the miners will require some degree of assistance to make sure their operations run smoothly.
Squadrons may also alter the Fleet Mechanic role yet the current belief is that it won’t have a major impact to our operations. This is still to be determined, however.

Where do I sign up?

Link to the main expedition thread:

I have questions, suggestions or need to speak with someone?
If it’s an open question/idea then this thread is ideal. Once the server is opened the Discord channel would also be appropriate.
For anything else drop me a message here on the Forums, Discord or PSN and I will respond as soon as I am able.

Repair Limpet Controllers
The size of the controller will dictate how much a limpet can repair. Below is a link to the wiki page on Repair Limpets.

As you can see, the larger the controller, the more damage they can repair, the less limpets you'll have to use.
Only one repair limpet can be actively working on a ship at a time, so there is little point in spamming them.
Each takes about 90 seconds to work. Fuel limpets, if your client needs fuel as well, can still be used at the same time.

Working out which limpet controller to use is down to your personal preference, but if you have, say, a Class 3 and are trying to repair an Anaconda, expect to be there for quite a while!

Repairing the Fleet will be a rewarding and involving activity and I would consider it a step up from just going for the voyage, so if you want to get involved, message me on PS4, sign up on the Distant Worlds 2 thread, and I'll see you in the Black!
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I have repair limpets controller as well as fuel controller so happy to help with both on DW2.
Coolness, I haven't got space to fit a AMFU, so may be calling on your services ;D

* and before people say it's compulsory etc, I have done a number of deep space trips without the need (not neutroning obviously), so meh.
Coolness, I haven't got space to fit a AMFU, so may be calling on your services ;D

* and before people say it's compulsory etc, I have done a number of deep space trips without the need (not neutroning obviously), so meh.
Repair limpets only repair hull damage, not module damage.
Sheesh so you're like the AA, but only do panel beating services? :rolleyes:

I should know that, probably brain not working, as not had second-coffee yet.
I've already been invited for the PS4 Mechanics chartoom by Repairman_Patch. Like I've told there, my Explorer/Jump Conda has been outfitted to go anywhere within the Galaxy self-sufficient (repair, deconatmination, fuel & 2xAFSD, though the latter is for me only :p) l. I'd love to help every CMDR out who happens to have some misfortune during the long flight. Just PM me @Reizla on PS4 (will change privacy settings when DW2 starts so anyone can PM me), and I'll be on my way to your rescue ;)
Upgraded to a 3D Fuel Transfer Controller (given it can be modded Lightweight) and I still have my 1D Repair Controller if there are emergencies and the better equipped mechanics can't get there.
I have 64 Repair Limpets in my Annie with a large controller, anyone that I pass that requires repair will automatically get it. No questions asked. Knowing that Fleet Mechanics are on hand is just another level of insurance. Awesome.

Repair limpets probably won't fit on my ship, so looking forward to make use of your services (hope that I won't need them ;)
5A repair limpit controller here, 64 limpits and as much iron and nickle as I can collect before we head out. o7
Would like an invite to the ps4 chat for dispatch duties
Psn: cpt-payne88
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