PS4 Touch pad bindings don't work

For reference, I had the top left corner mapped to both 'ATTACK TARGET' and 'ENTER FSS MODE', both worked as expected before the update, 'ENTER FSS MODE' when in supercruise and 'ATTACK TARGET' when in normal space (SLF), to get things working again I had to sacrifice a non touchpad button binding to 'ENTER FSS MODE' :(
Yeah - I was going to say to check for conficlts. Th e last couple of updates messed with my HOTAS custom bindings and I found out that It had remapped several commands to the same button combo and it was causing havoc. In the end I had to go back and remap all my commands just in case.
Thank you for this thread. I was under assumption that touch pad was broken, period, but like many here I don't use defaults either, so maybe there's hope!
Mine work. I have bound:

top left = SLF attack my target
bottom left = SLF dock
top right = external camera
bottom right = SLF commands panel

So you may just need to check / reset your bindings.
I have ...
TL = Night vision
BL = Heat sink
TR = Chaff

The night vision definitely still works, so I assume the rest do but I'm somewhere between Colonia & Sag A* at the moment, my ship doesn't have a chaff launcher and I don't want to waste a heat sink so I can't test those. :)
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