Pulse Wave Analyser Fix

Bruce G

Senior Community Manager
Greetings Commanders,

Firstly, we'd like to thank you for your continued patience and support with the Pulse Wave Analyser issue. The challenges of working from home while also developing the largest ever expansion for Elite Dangerous have resulted in a far slower turnaround on this than we'd have liked.

That being said, we're glad to confirm that a fix for the Pulse Wave Analyser will come in a patch on Wednesday 16 December. We understand how important this issue is to the Elite Dangerous community, and will endeavor to fix similarly important issues as quickly as possible moving forward.

Thanks once again for your understanding.



Volunteer Moderator
Thanks a lot to the team for this.

So any chance on the myriad of FSS/Codex/NSP bugs that are game breaking for Exploration because you don't always get the results for the system you're in, which have been in the game for two years are going to be fixed soon?

This means, for example, you could fully map the system with Raxxla in it, but it wouldn't actually appear for you. It seems that shouting loudly really does get things fast tracked.
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