PvE combat vs Exploration and Mining.

Is there a way to make about tens of millions per hour by doing PvE combat? Mining and exploration are nice as well, but i prefer pew pew ways of making money.
CZ massacre missions from a faction that adores you. A single one for ~40 ships should net you over the 10 mil mark, and can be done in an hour.
Is there a reason the 10 mil needs to be made in an hour? do you have a 10 mil bounty on your head and the hunters will arrive to collect in just over an hour?
Everything in ED stands to make you money in one form or another. The time it takes also can vary.
In the past Bounty Hunting was the fastest way to earn credits, then changes come along and progressively one game loop gets faster at making money then the next. Its a inflating issue of ED. But in the end if the goal is money divided by time then fun is not the important factor.
I understand the question is what is the fastest way to make money doing what i like, but if you compare it to other game loops something will lose out, Money or fun.
@Bryan K is correct as far as i know, Combat Zones are likely the fastest way to earn large sums of credits assuming you can kill 40+ ships in under an hour.

Most who have been down the path of following the fastest money route will likely agree in saying, it's better to play what is fun then following a grind that you don't really enjoy just to make quick money. But that is just a rant from an old salt who wishes they spent more time actually doing things during his progression that where fun then trying to break the 1 billion mark, or grind out ranks. It can backfire on you and cause a burn out if not careful.
Find 2 systems A & B where the following is true:
  • B is the only (inhabited) system close enough to A to qualify for pirate hunting missions
  • B has at least a HazRES
You can now take kill x pirates missions from multiple factions at A and each kill counts for all factions.
Just make sure the missions target pirates that belong to the actual mafia/anarchy faction.

Bonus points for:
  • Both are in ALD space for the global PP bonus
  • Both are owned by the same faction
  • One of them has an IF
My base system is LHS 20, with plenty of hunting grounds.

Why do you need those 10mil/hour? Dont you prefer fun/time and see the money rake itself in?
I don't do combat for money now, it's either BGS wars, or materials. Lol

I go core mining for credits.
Admittedly, I enjoy this too.

Long long ago, I earned my first 100 million credits from combat alone, back in my Vulture days!
You can stack massacre missions from different mission givers. If you're allied with all those factions, that's 20m-40m per mission. Stack pirate assassination missions of the same enemy faction as well (1m-2.5m per mission). That's easily 10m per hour. Obviously, there's faster ways to make credits, but for me the credits are side benefit of my primary goals.
One very surprising way to make ready credits is to sell off all those old modules gathering dust. I was approaching my limit on storage and yet all my ships are fitted out mostly how I like them.

Keeping just alternative weapons but selling off old power plants and armour and stuff netted just over cr1 billion. I was quite surprised!

Point being you may actually be richer than you think.
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