Discussion Question for FDev: Are you setting READ sharing flags on the Status and Journal files?

*edit: solved *
It seems that the documentation for Delphi is a little out-of-date. There's a flag (fmShareCompat) which is need when opening the file which means "Sharing is compatible with the way FCBs are opened. "
This seems to have done the trick.

I'm having trouble consistently reading the Status.json and Journal*.log file because it seems that Elite has a lock on them. Whilst write locks are to be expected, it seems that the files are opened for exclusive write mode, locking out my application from reading them.
My code is showing that the file locks are still in place, even after 10 minutes have elapsed since the last update.

Can I ask FDEV to confirm that exclusive access hasn't been requested and that you have granted shared read access.
Also, are you continuously holding the file open for write access?

The confusing part about this is that other people haven't mentioned anything that I can see in these forums and notepad can open them, so it suggests something I'm doing wrong but I am specifically requesting shared read access on the file open command. Any help would be truly appreciated.
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i abandoned windows as a dev platform many many many years ago (yes, i'am an old ED player ;-),
i am using php since, so no need of windows...
but i'am starting to feel the need to small devs for elite,
i started a small script in python3 but i was happy to learn (thanks to you) that delphi still exist long after borland "declin",

another small question : i suppose you bought this delphi xe2 in 2012 ?
i can't find it in the store of Embarcadero...
so i'am gone try delphi community edition, do you know the differences between these 2 versions ?
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