Question to Developers: Where's the Season Pass?

Hi there, I have a question to the developers.
I'm curious if someday the game will have a Season Pass. The DLCs are expensive (In my country it's more expensive than it should be) and at least every 3 months the game adds paid content.
In my opinion, we should have a Season Pass to be able to pay for the DLCs we already have and that will come at a more affordable price. I'd like to know if you guys have plans for this...
I don't think Season Passes -in general- are a good idea:

From the buyer/player perspective, it's like betting your money, it will only be worth it if you like the game and the DLCs you'll get...which you'd know NOTHING about beforehand.

From the seller/developer POV, having a Season pass obligues to add DLCs to that game regularly, so people who buy at different moments get more or less the same and no one feels scamed. That can end up boarding time/resources that might be better spent somewhere else.
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