Ok, so first of all I am pretty new to ED. I have tinkered with transport, tourism trade, bounty hunting, and especially exploration. I am currently off to visit the center of the galaxy: Sagittarius A. So there I was, 2000 light years from Sol. I set down on a little rocky planet: Aucoks NI-Z D1-42 B8. I jump in the SRV for a little look/see. I am following the scanner, looking for minerals and noticed something showing up on the top portion of the scanner screen, the part that show stuff other than just minerals and material.

At first I thought it was picking up my ship but then realized that the signals were coming from in front of me and my ship was behind. Interesting. What the hell could be way out here? I start towards the signal.

I love this game. I am bumping along, getting closer and closer to the signal source, and am beginning to get creeped out. I swear I am starting to get the heebie-jeebies. What the hell is it?! Maybe I should turn around...

Anyway, I press on and find this:

What is it? How did it get here? Has anybody else had experiences like this?

I absolutely love this game.
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Your link doesnt work. But im guessing you found some random planetary POI which can spawn quite far from the bubble.
Your link doesnt work. But im guessing you found some random planetary POI which can spawn quite far from the bubble.
Probably that, but I wonder how you cannot recognize what the object you found is. I can't remember ever finding unidentified objects this way, so I'm curious to see your Picture. You'd bettter upload it to imgur and post the link here :)


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They are pretty new to the game, it could well be a crashed Nav Beacon. As has been suggested if you create an imgur account and then upload the photo there, you can just open the image, select Huge Thumbnail and then copy the BBCode Link and post it straight in here.

I'm glad that you're enjoying exploring, I love it when I see something at the top of the SRV scanner and wonder what it could possibly be... Though it's not happening to me at the moment, as I'm 30,000 Kylies from the bubble.
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how did it get here and what is it?
That's a crashed nav-beacon, a non persistant random POI.

It remains an (empty) mystery though why there are so many crashed nav-beacons...
a) to start with
b) on *planets*, when nav-beacons usually orbit *stars*
c) in *systems* which lie way outside the area where systems even have nav-beacons.
Crashed Nav beacons are not uncommon. You're only 2K Ly away from occupied space. Things like that will get more rare the further out you get but still have a chance of spawning anywhere.
They are non-persistent so if you log out and log back in, it will be gone.
It's probably too late, since they're non-persistent and you've probably logged out by now, but an interesting bit of trivia about nav beacon satellites. They broadcast the name of the object they're orbiting, in Morse code. These crashed ones don't do that, however; they broadcast the letters of the word "BROKEN", in random order.
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