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Hi all

I have a new HOTAS with more than the 32 buttons on the throttle, so from what I can tell joystick gremlin is required at this point.

That said when i map say joy button 30 to keyboard L and then use it in the controls command i end up elite registering both imputs ( vjoy and the actual joystick), is there any ways to prevent this as the setup becomes pretty messy?

Finnaly the Throttle allso has some permanet position toggle switches, and I just want to know if theres a way setting wep. deploy/ cargo scoop / lights ect. to hold function?
First of all: has a lot of tried joystick maps, and is a big help when you want to remeber which button you mapped to which function.

Next: why? I mean, why would you want to use vjoy to map a joystick button to the keyboard L and then use the keyboard L in ED? Why not simply use the joystick button directly in ED? And no, as long as ED is registering the joystick, I see no way around this.

Finally: no. There is no way to set these functions to hold.
Well i would map the joystick buttons directly but from what i can tell ED is limited to 32 buttons per device.
So all the buttons after nr. 32 is not getting registered at all.

And one of the permanent toggle functions is located right across that threshold so then i need to shift it in the controller firmware, and then i need to change the 3 other profiles i allready have.
This is do to making a workaround so that both pos. of the toggle switch have the same command, but that dossent work if one is a keystroke and the other an actual joystick button

P.S. theres no apparent listing of a predefined setup for the Virpil throttle but like the reference card setup will definetely use that thanks :)
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If this is the Virpil throttle then apparently there is now a facility in Virpil configuration to "split" the beast into two virtual devices to overcome this 32 button limit. See:

To prevent the game client registering dual inputs, you can just hit the keyboard rather than use the throttle - it will register regardless when you use the throttle button.

You could also only map the throttle buttons that don't register.

The 32 key limitation is seemingly very common, even among games that, like Elite, use the DirectInput API.
Finnaly the Throttle allso has some permanet position toggle switches, and I just want to know if theres a way setting wep. deploy/ cargo scoop / lights ect. to hold function?
Yes to Cargo Scoop, no to the others. The rule seems to be that if the computer can switch it automatically, then you don't have a Hold option.
My toggle switches are bound to:
  • Silent Running
  • Cargo Scoop
  • SRV handbrake
  • Flight Assist
Those are probably the only bindings you can make because I don't use silent running and (so far) I haven't used Flight Assist (off). Note that when you change between the ship and SRV those settings are defaulted whatever the state of the switch and you have to toggle them on/off if you want to keep the state you've set. This is usually a good thing (unless you like taking off with the cargo scoop deployed) and means that it is safe to bind them to different things for the ship and SRV.
If anyone else has these challenges I ended up doing the following

I've mapped one lever axis and the 2 permanent switches to to the same key for each switch position, this gives the ED software the illusion of beeing an on /off switch with the caviat that if you have the buttons in the wrong pos. when loading ingame the function will be inverted. Allthoug this can be fixed by flipping the switch while the main menu is active.
I have moved the fixed switch around the threshold in firmware, and remapped all buttons from 33 and down to the buttons on the vjoy controller so that they work from there instead. This leaves me with a allmost blank keyboard set with the exception of a single char i use in normal +ALT and +CRTL cmd for the 6 switch positions, and then all the rest of the buttons are running from the "3" peripherals the warbird / The Throttle ( btn 0-32) and vjoy ( btn 33-59). All the mappings are made in joystick gremlin.

P.S. To avoid dual triggers through vjoy + throttle / warbird i simply made all the cmds from my Parrent mode in Joystick Gremlin to "no operation"

Thanks for all the replys guys
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I don't know about 2 sticks
but i use a Hotas to fly and a gamepad for camera

thats fun

edith says: yak, forgot the point - it should be possible
I wonder... is it possible to have two joysticks or would that cause conflicts?
It's possible. To the computer, a joystick is the same as a controller. You can have several controllers all connected at once.

The text on the bindings don't make it clear which binding is for which controller, but they are all distinct in use.

Every USB device implements a Human Interface Device (HID) interface.
There are definitions for a keyboard HID, a mouse HID and a game controller HID, and of course other things such as network connector, audio interface, headset and so forth that we don't care about. A single device can implement any number of HIDs, some of which may be the same, and some different.

Both joysticks and gamepads implement the game controller HID, so to the computer they are identical. They just have a different selection of analogue and switch inputs.

I believe that I have read that ED supports up to four game controller HIDs. So if your hugely complex joystick implements its 64 buttons by splitting them into two HIDs, then you can only connect another two game controllers in addition to it.

Every HID that a device implements has a unique identifier constructed in part using an official number that the USB standards authority allocates to manufacturers. If you look at the bindings file you will see things like this:
        <Binding Device="28DE11FF" Key="Pad_RStickX" />
        <Inverted Value="0" />
        <Deadzone Value="0.00000000" />
The Binding Device value is the HID identifier. That is the reason that if you plug in a new joystick you have to re-do all your bindings; each binding is specific to one unique piece of hardware. If the bindings file contains an identifier for a device that isn't plugged in then ED will refuse to use that bindings file.

On the other hand, keyboard and mouse bindings have no identifier in the bindings file. So pressing a key will have the same effect, no matter which keyboard you use, as will moving or clicking a mouse.
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