Queue and Exist Paths - Gates and other elements

So we can place them where we like but we had that issue of the 2m/3m thing with the entrance and exit on an other thread.

This led me to think about the other issues generally;

  • The paths should all have interchangeable textures so the queue textures should be in paths and visa-versa
  • The path widths should range from 2m to 10m for all and in the same increments of 1m
  • Grid should be able to be selected at 1m to allow odd number such as 5m and 7m widths to work to a grid
  • The gates should be dynamic on rides, not only should we be able to choose position, but if we have a 5m path the gate should match accordingly
  • The coloured rings on the ticket booth should be changeable as well as the texture of the poles
  • We should be able to select if a ticket attendant is shown (if the price is set to zero they are not needed, could be done dynamically)
I agree with you on making the path range from 2m to 10m... For example: If you want to place a ride on the top of a building, and you want to make the entrance equal to the exit cause it's moving through a building, it's almost impossible to get this done. Cause the minimum size of a exit path is 4 meters, which is too wide for a (for example) rounded arch, while a queue patch is 3 meters, which fits perfectly underneath a rounded arch... The radius of the exit path will be much taller, so it's even harder to keep it in your building...
If the range is for both, the queue path and exit path is equal, it's much easier to navigate it through a building, and keep the path inside your walls.
Please get this done developers [up]