Queue of Eternity?

Yeah, a separate previewer would be ideal. Right now, Sunday evening, it's taken a total of 4 1/2 hours between 2 uploads, and both were just test objects that I needed to see in game before proceeding. I'm appreciative that Frontier even released the TMT, but wow, this is painful.
I think, my object with a total of 60 tris breaks the queue record ... started last night at 23:35 (11:35 PM) and it's still in the queue just 8 hours later. I think, I break it up.
Wow, Spanky! 8 hours = 4+ movies! I've had 6 sided cubes take forever, so I wonder if the amount of tris matter?

Right now, it's 3:44 AM in New York, and it's taking 4 minutes. So basically, in order to make progress, I need to go all vampire.
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I've had a few at the two+ hour mark, especially tedious when you're trying to make those little tweaks to make it look just right! An offline viewer would be ideal.
I started dabbling with it when it came out in hopes I could make some stuff but I stopped because the wait times were getting frustrating. I'm someone who likes to fiddle around in blender or alter the texture files, then check it out in game, go back and make tweaks then check it out again back and forth. Not totally conventional I guess. Early on it was fine, I'd only have to wait a couple minutes with a once in a blue moon long (20ish min) hiccup but as time went on 40 min to an hour became more normal and I just didn't have the patience for it anymore. [ugh]
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