Quick question on this ganker's ship

Just look for a group who prioritize skill over easy wins, there are still a fair few around, most will thankfully turn thier noses up at reverski pilots and refuse interaction with them because it's dull as ditchwater.

If you wanna cause reverski pilots a ballache though, drag frags and force shells on a very fast ship, Viper 3 or ICourier. It is horrendous for those players to face a faster ship because they generally havent evolved the skill to have to actually fight for control and pacing of a battle.
Great suggestion actually, wasn't sure what to do with the Viper (bought skins and shipkit in the past so may as well use it), now I know!
As lekeno points out we know exactly who you're talking about, there are three pilots with the same mo from the same squadron. They execute reverski very well with rails and seekers, there isn't much you can do. Every time I face them I fought to the death and let them destroy me, trying to learn as much as I can. Anyone can execute this with a bit of practice, it is quite simply the most effective fighting style in the game, though deadly boring to fly and to fly against. Some will remember me going on about this a fair bit the last few months. The Phantom simply has too much speed and capacitor.

P.S. They aren't cheating. I believe
Oh dear, oh dear, I had the joy to run into a (friendly - and I was warned before, so no ill feelings at all!-) premium reverski FdL today, with my bog standard disco-prismo FdL without hull. Suffice to say I got railkt 😂
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