Hardware & Technical Quick warning about BT email and mobile devices...

I've been a BT Internet customer for neary 20 years and I've had the same email addy with BT for all that time.

Recently, I noticed that I stopped getting emails to my BTI email addy.

Logged into my BTI account on my PC and it shows my missus' email addy and an email addy that we share but didn't show primary email account; the one I've had for 20 years, the one I use for work and the one everybody is familiar with.

Contacted BT about this and they tell me it was deleted because it was "dormant".
There was then a long and completely useless exchange between myself and various morons from BT.

To cut a long story short, it seems that BT's email technology isn't smart enough to notice if you're only accessing your email from a mobile device or 3rd-party email client.
It ONLY considers your email account to be "active" if you actually log into the BT website in order to read your email.

So, be warned.

If you have a BTI email address and you don't use the BT website to access your email, you're in danger of losing your email address.
No idea if this is restricted solely to BT or if other ISPs operate in a similar way.

As a result of this, BT is losing the £60-odd that I've been paying them each month.
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Ridiculous things like this is why I set up my own email server in '03, and haven't looked back.
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