Is there a way to see clearly whether it is worth putting on Inters or going full Wets , I know the weather at the top is showing rain but it is not clear which tyres would be better for planning a pitstop and i dont really see a forecast of whether it will be heavy and long lasting or when it will clear up
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inter < 4.00MM and full > 4.00 MM.
For the forecast, see under top right screen - strategy view - then under track.
Thin blue line is water on track. The absence of scale, witch is another missing things but there so many missing things, give's a previer of track condition. If hbelow the middle of the scale, then inter. If above, then full wet.
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I take it the devs decided never to have a race start in the wet , also should be able to preview the weather on its own screen before a race rather than the tiny little thing on the strategy view

MM was much better where it showed the weather across the top of the screen
At the moment rainy days are a real lottery, not because of the initial forecast but on whether it's going to be a heavy shower or likely to set in for the whole race.

Especially with a weather centre upgraded to level 5 I don't think it's unreasonable to estimate the time duration of rain rather than just it's maximum intensity because in the real world teams are able to use radar and the size of the blob (and wind speed) gives them an idea of both intensity and duration.

Possibly a graph, similar to your track knowledge, set against the duration of the race would be a decent approach.
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