General / Off-Topic Raspberry Pi hacked NASA

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory was targeted by a Raspberry Pi.

The point of entry was a Raspberry Pi device that was connected to the IT network of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) without authorization or going through the proper security review.

the hackers used this point of entry to move deeper inside the JPL network by hacking a shared network gateway.

The hackers used this network gateway to pivot inside JPL's infrastructure, and gained access to the network that was storing information about NASA JPL-managed Mars missions, from where he exfiltrated information.
Weird thread. Fixating on a grammatical construct rather than the message itself?
Yeah, bit of a tabloid headline but anyone with even half a brain can understand the intention.

Inside job? The article doesn't explicitly state it but looks like the pi was added to an internal LAN to provide a doorway around the external firewall.
Add to that the IT department being lazy and slack so it wasn't identified for a long period. Don't know if it's possible to have a system that will deny connection to any device that hasn't been cleared through an audit process first.
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