Distant Worlds II Event Re-check your checklists, Commanders!

Can someone please explain this video? I'm not British.

Edit: nm, I guess quotes don't include video attachments and I can't figure out how to delete posts so just disregard this.
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Oh yes, I certainly do have supplies for the Beagle Point party.

Bast Snake Gin
Eranin Pearl whiskey
Indi Bourbon
Lavian Brandy
...and of course Kamitra Cigars to smoke as the sun/s set. Twelve tons of each.

I'll bring the Leestian Evil Juice, Centauri Mega Gin, more Lavian Brandy and of course Hutton Mug to drink them in. To sober up for the return journey, I also have 5T each of Azure Milk, and Waters of Shintara.
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Has anyone brought any of the Leathery Eggs from Ridley Scott station? I suspect they're a bit dangerous. If anyone has any, I suggest we leave them on a planet somewhere and nuke them from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

EDIT: And by "them", I mean both the eggs, and the commanders who brought them. :D
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