Re: Naming a ship

If it's an exploration ship, how about "Re:gal Traveller" or "Re:aching the Stars"?

Or, if it's a mining ship, there's "Re:venue Generator"

If you've always wanted a Cutter, you could call it "Re:alised Dreams"

If it's a combat ship, there's "Re:quiem Mortis" or, perhaps, "Re: placement Killer"

If you want to highlight the cost you could call it "Re:cent Windfall"

If you want to name it after a real-world ship you could call it "Re: pulse"
Stick frags and short range blaster mod weapons on it. Basically anything that requires being close to a target.

Then call it Cuddle Bunny.
I tend to name my combat oriented ships using names and hull numbers mostly from World War 1 / World War 2 famous ships.

For small ships, i use destroyers.

For medium ships, i use light / heavy cruisers.

For big ships, i will use battleships / battlecruisers.

As an example, my Mk4 Viper is named Kidd ( WW2 American destroyer ). Her id is DD-661.

Only problem with that is that hull numbers are hard to find for anything but US Ships.

For exploration / mining vessels i've yet to find a good rule. It's more difficult to find historical famous ships ( expecially for the mining / transport categories )
I named all of my ships after ships I like from the world of sci-fi, usually because they resemble that ship in some way. (without being too obvious like Enterprise or Millennium Falcon)
Krait ... Defiant
Corvette ... Liberator
Asp ... Voyager
Python ... Serenity
Vulture ... Vae Victus
Mamba ... Normandy
FDL ... Stingray
Anaconda ... Hinterland
Chieftain... Sulaco
Cutter... Galatea
Courier ... Scorpio
I find it easier to have a naming scheme of some sort than to try to come up with a new clever name every time. Mine is nostalgic Commodore 64 games from early-mid 80s, preferably British ones, because that's what Elite was for me.
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