Reconsider Player to Player Transactions

Only cheaters want to transfer items and credits.
OK, I forgot to mention ppl with power fantasies.
Seems like an ill-informed generalization. There are numerous gameplay opportunities that would come from legitimate uses of a trading mechanic.

also, one can already transfer goods via limpets. Are cheaters and megalomaniacs the only people that use the current system? I doubt it
"Once purchased, Commanders can choose whether to invest and open up new services on their mobile hubs, including repair docks, refuelling stations, shipyards and more. Incorporating player-to-player commerce for the first time in Elite Dangerous, Fleet Carrier owners can also set tariffs on all goods traded on their Carrier’s services to support the weekly upkeep costs, from wear and tear maintenance to crew wages and Tritium, a new fuel commodity needed to power the megaships."

I never thought they'd do it, but I was wrong. One up to FD. 🙂
I understand the stance Frontier has on transferring credits between players, since this would cause a problem with gold sellers and possibly spoil new players. However, with a few restrictions these issues could easily be mitigated:

  • Introduce a cap on the amount of credits that can be transferred to a player, based on their rank and current credit balance, to prevent very rich players giving away hundreds of millions to beginners.
  • Limit the amount of transactions a player can transfer in a period of time, to prevent gold selling.

This would allow players to transfer relatively small amounts of credits while also preventing the gold seller problem, and would be an alternative to dumping and picking up cargo but with much less hassle. It would unlock an unlimited amount of new possibilities. For example, you could finally directly give bonuses to your squadron members, "Mercenaries for Hire", "Fleet Carrier Bubble - Colonia Region Line", etc.. - players would actually be able to form their own small businesses/services to earn extra credits. This would also encourage interaction between players and would make earning money much more interesting. Surely earning from a fleet carrier transport service is much more interesting than spending hours mining the same resource over and over again. It would shift the game economy over from that simplistic "do generated mission stuff and watch your balance increase" approach.

I know people will say that "it will ruin the game" or "spoil the economy" or whatever, but it's not like I'm proposing a brand new MMO feature that nobody ever saw before. Plenty of MMOs have player to player transactions, and their player base pretty much dictates the economy and they don't have problems with gold sellers.
I made a post about this a while ago as seen here:
The idea was to have a 24 hour cooldown between trades and a credit limit that increased with the player's highest rank. with the last 3 top ranks of any rank type having no trade limit.
unfortunately it didnt get very good feedback.
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