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After few month away from ED game and forum, i come to see what the new and topic.

I find two topic on the most recent post about the boring jump or navigation process. And so i would share what is just my opinion about it. i wont play again no matter the content expansion. The navigation, jump, travel is, for me, just too boring, time wasting and painful to do anything in the game. It is for me the worst gameplay design on recent game, it just remind me the gameplay on some game i played on computer like the first PC or Atari St. I'm frustrated many thing are interesting in ED and lot of work done but the way to reach it are just boring and painful for me.

For me the major step to make this game have his real proportion is a complete rework of the navigation process. The universe may be vast and procedural blablabla....the way player interact with it is a major subject and playing is about gameplay, please make this real. Or maybe this game real proportion is what it is now, ultra low populated ultra vast universe.

The question is, do we pilot or not: the travel while in supercruise is assisted for speed management, nice, but what the player do is just to stand and push one button in a 2 second window while the travel can take many minute...this is painful. The fly may be assisted or not. The same for the jump between system, after all process to make the jump is cleared, you stand nearly ten second of meaningless bull to a few second window while you must correct your travel cap or crash in a sun. Boring and painful.

In Space Engineer player manage travel for less kilometer but with sometime very few thrust power and massive ship tonnage with all assistance deactivated, and it's fine, it's fun, it's piloting. It take time but it's a simulation process. 10km acceleration taking 30 second for 10km of braking for 30sec, it's fine, we pilot, we design...

To make thing easy just enable Autopilot, it's sad but design a world before gameplay is a mistake. Please, again, rework this !
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