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Recently I was exposed to this video:

I find it very annoying and people agree with me that Frontier should not be making video games if they can't take constructive criticism. Banning someone from the forums and shunning them out is stupid. Just because you're thing isn't perfect doesn't give you the right to ban someone and reset someones account and ignore them. Variable was a great member of the forums. Frontier literally silences people with anything regarding coaster. Thats blatant discrimination just because people use their brains to solve a problem with the game by using a glitch or exploit to get the result they are desiring should be praised for their hard work. After watching this video, I feel betrayed. Planet Coaster was one of my favorite games but I will be moving away from it and I think anyone else who would want to see Frontier do better should.
I'm not familiar with the case or the video, but what are the reasons behind posting this rant here and what is the target goal?
I'm not familiair with this story either, but I guess it all depends on the way you communicate your criticism and if it is (objectively) constructive or not.

I'd say Frontier has, to a certain degree that's certainly not bad for a profit-targeted company, been very receptive to constructive criticism and player suggestions.

Sure, things can always be better, but we have to keep in mind that everybody wants something else out of this game and not everything might be possible or desirable from Frontier's point of view. When that happens, it's up to us to respect that decision and find a constructive, respectable way to deal with it. If that doesn't happen, I'd say Frontier and/or their moderation team has every right to ban or limit on a platform they provide.

Either way, I'm pretty sure OP's message doesn't comply with the forum rules, so I'll leave it at that.


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