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Brett C

Hey guys,

As promised we've discussed the topic for you all, sorry for the delay in replies, but today was the first available opportunity to review the thread.

People are free to continue use of the existing companion app API, though please be aware this is something we hope to expand and improve on the future. Since we don’t yet have a date for that, use of the existing one is fine, but we ask that you do so in a careful and considered manner – for example not polling it continuously. We will bring in guidelines and an approval process over time too, but for now please be aware that we will stop apps that are not well behaved.

We are passionate about the development of community created content and very much see the value in the tools that are being created which is why we are happy for this API to be continued. As we have mentioned before, we would like to create a new API which allows tool developers support to create their own tools but this will not be a short term implementation and is instead something we are considering for future development.

Thanks for your patience, we will keep you informed as and when we have more information to share.

With that being said, here's a few ground rules to this forum:

- Using the current API in a malicious way or to cause a severe degradation of services will result in your discussions to be removed/moderated. Further action may be deemed necessary depending on the severity.

- This forum is here on a beta basis. We may decide to archive this forum in the future if things do not work out.

- All tools are considered third party. If a tool that you are using somehow breaks your game client or your computer or the space time continuum... it will fall on you to talk to the app developer to rectify the problem.

- Using this forum section to continuously harass app creators WILL result in complete viewing and posting restriction of your forum account to this forum area.

- Hammering the current API server with requests will result with us severely limiting the service. Please do not abuse it.

Thank you!
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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