Remove Queue Line Staff andf add them as Ride Hosts

The que line staff i initially liked, however, i'd like to consider if we can have a bit of a change, currently they all look the same and dont offer much in the way of function.

  • What i'd like to see is an opportunity to remove these from the queue line and add them as ride hosts.
  • The ride hosts would, before the coaster train (or flat ride) leave the station walk to the front of the train "Checking " the restraints and then once all rows have been "Checked" raise there arm and the train then leaves the station .
From a CPU Power POV this "Shouldn't " be a huge task, the checking would be in the form on an animation only and wouldn't offer any different game play mechanics (Maybe later on down the line, we can get to a station whereby there is an issue with restraint and needs the ride host to stop and spend time getting it "fixed")

This would give the game that illusion of "simulation evolved" for very little trade off and maybe further down the line it can be implemented into a system of actual checks and thus actual simulation .


I do agree with coasterlover but it would be really great to see some "in queueline food stalls" or the allowance of that like with many themeparks UK and world wide where queuing guests can get snacks/drinks while in the queueline or even some vending machines.