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Greetings Commanders!

We are now excited to launch our new Issue Tracker! The Issue Tracker replaces our Bug Reporting forums and can be accessed here:

To report a bug simply log in with your regular Frontier account and click 'Submit Report'. You'll then be given all the steps you need to let us know about any issues you have experienced.

On this site you can:
  • Submit issues
  • Follow the status of your reports
  • See which issues have been reported by others
  • Vote on which issues matter most to you
  • Search for specific reports
  • Help contribute towards existing issues
With the launch of our new Issue Tracker the Bug Reporting forums will now be archived and all reports will now use the Issue Tracker.

Thank you for all your support so far and for helping raise awareness of the issues that are affecting your gameplay!
Hi Paul,

The new tracker is a real improvement and a great tool. Unfortunately it has a serious flaw as you can see by the above comments. The tool really needs some screening process to duplicate/merge reports.
For example: there are 3 separate reports about the same widescreen problem:
all of them in state "confirming". If they were merged, the problem would probably be "confirmed" already.

I hope you do not perceive this as a minor problem of the issue tracker tool. IMO it is a serious one and hopefully will be addressed soon.

For example: there are 3 separate reports about the same widescreen problem:
Want a 4th?

What made me laugh is that QA recently closed some duplicate issues saying something like "please use the search facility before creating an issue". Haha yeah ok perhaps you should consider improving the search function?

As I've said previously, the search function is far too strict. Edit: the only way to find all 4 of the above issues is to search using only the word 'wide'. It is unlikely that anyone would do this, seeing as most people are likely to search on 'ultrawide' (one word) or 'widescreen' (one word) for example. A search on 'galaxy map' returns 33 results so that is not an option. In other words, the search function needs to be made more intelligent.
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I'd like to start a collection of issue data, to gain some overview, since I'm curious, when certain issues will be fixed and how (and if) the prioritizing will work. This is not intended to show, that frontier is not fixing anything or doesn't care about. I couldn't list this data here, if Frontier Development would keep it private, but they don't, which I appreciate. But maybe it shows the progress of the issue tracker (and the of the issues) in the next months and indicates aspects that have to be improved. Time of data collection will vary, because I'm not paid for that. :)

Issue Tracker Timeline

2019-06-01: Fixed 32 - Invalid 100 (I do not had a look on all sections at that time)
2019-06-16: Fixed 32 - Acknowledged 46 - Confirmed 47 - Invalid 100 - By Design 2 - Confirming 2208 (As stated before, many duplicates, tickets rather than issues and real bugs)
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Fdev, why aren't you actually looking at the issue tracker? We're telling you what issues need work, stop ignoring them or otherwise it's pointless. Might as well go to Twitter rather than use your own system.
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