Request: add the ability to limit the max jump in galmap

Currently, the two options for jump route planning is max efficiency (min single jump distance) and max range of the craft. There is already a slider which allows you to "tune" your max jump calculation based on the variation in Cargo Mass. Would you consider creating a "max jump" slider under the economical route radio button and have the total mass/cargo mass a dependent indicator for that option? That would allow short range or small fuel tank ships to optimize their route.

A good example is a Mamba with 30LY range and an 8T fuel tank. You can jump 70LY with 30/30/10 as your path, leaving you with nearly zero fuel, or take the max efficiency route - 15 jumps at about 6LY per jump and arrive with 85% fuel left. If we could set the max range slider arbitrarily (up to our actual max) , it could be done in 4 jumps of ~20 or 5 jumps of ~16 leaving enough for a reasonable fuel margin, or even enough to travel out and back on a tank - but without suffering through the 30 jumps on the most efficient route.

Also, since I'm here, how about a "reset" button on the jump range slider to automatically put you back to your current mass/cargo?
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