Ride Loading and start up needs tweaking

Most of the rides need a little more slack time for start up once the last rider gets on. Most of the rides, as soon as the last rider boards, within a split second, the restraints drop and the ride is moving already. In some cases, rides like the 360 power start moving before some of the restraints have come down.

In addition to this tweak, I would suggest the following.

1. For realism, prior to the restraints dropping or the ride starting, there should be your typical announcements maybe in Peeps gibberish, equivalent to "Keep your hands and feet in the car at all times, etc" After the announcements, your actions for restraints and/or ride start would begin.

2. While this is small but most likely a huge development undertaking. What is the possibility of showing animation of peeps actually getting into/on the ride instead of snapping on to the ride?
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The addition of the sound and a person saying this would be HUGE, that really would be amazing! Maybe the ride operators could also check the restraints and give a thumbs up when all clear while the other rider operator is going through the safety and stuff.
How about let the player record their own announcement for each ride...

For example...

"Please stand clear of the doors. Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas."
I'm sure what we have is a basic version being Alpha and have no doubt that the start / stop sequences will be tweaked. At the very least I'm sure the entrance and exit gates will be animated as well.
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