General / Off-Topic RIP Rutger Hauer

He shined in the Hitchhiker and Blade Runner.
So much for acting. The flavor of the month or years get the block busters.
Great acting comes in last today.
Apart from his more well known roles I still remember two movies, the "Blind Fury" where he plays blind Vietnam war vet that is master of sword fighting, and the other called "Fatherland" about what if Third Reich won WW2. Both highly recommended.
Sad news. I will always remember him stuffing a hand grenade in the mouth of Gene Simmons' from Kiss at the end of 'Wanted - Dead or Alive' and saying 'F*** the bonus,' as he pulled the pin and walked away without a backward glance.
Originally saw it as a VHS rental in 1987/88 (remember those days?) and not once have I seen it on TV since.

The guy played some great characters.

Thanks for the memories.
Regrettably gone at the age of 75. Gave us one of the greatest soliloquies in cinema history*, and wasn’t the one he was supposed to deliver. die.

*IMHO, obviously.
"Like tears in the rain" is the most beautiful line I know. Sad, very sad to see him go. An icon is gone.
and LEXX (as a crazy cannibal guy at some station they came across). Maybe one of his last work credits was the voice over for one of No Man's Sky more recent update announcement videos:


A classy actor in my book. RIP Rutger.
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