Parks Riviera Winds

Riviera Winds is my most realistic park includes town and hotels and just a complete fine detail that I can do. Enjoy the beginning of the newest park.

Gas station

Parking Entrance

Parking with Season Pass Special Parking

Dog Sitting Center

Main Entrance with Ticket Booth

Wow look at that fence so awesome

New update just a small update to the front entrance gate and the drop off area( I may redo this but what everyones thoughts, also its not fully done)
1. Should I make the bridge wider?
2.Move the drop are closer to the ticket area?

Cyclone a custom arrow from the 1980s and Kaleidoscope beginning construction

Its a lot of work, but i like parks with all that stuff around like parking lots, hotels, streets. I looking forward for your park.
"1. Should I make the bridge wider?" The question is how many people should go across this bridge? Only some staffmember oder the whole guests.
New Update

First hotel - Just a basic hotel includes a pool

Front gate - Updated some more in the background is the bus/rv parking

County Fair - 4 Rides currently (Arrow- Arrow Custom Looper, Eagle , Kaliedscope, Jump Jump, Unnamed Log Flume)

Look at that awesome loop
New update

Still working on the county fair area. Finishing up the rides I want there and will add the food and drinks buildings next. Also added a new log flume to that area.

Small updates to the entrance

New Log Flume

New bus parking area

Dont you just love trees
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