roller coasters we NEED!!!

There's a lot of coasters we need in planet coaster. I've been thinking about coasters the developers could add from rct3 and the real world. The coasters from rct3 we need is the lay down coaster, Storm runner, and B&M sit down coaster. from the real world we need Fahrenheit (Hershey's park), Storm runner (Hershey's Park) or King da ka (six flags great adventure), and millennium force (cedar point). There's also a leak that we might get the full throttle coaster cars. Which i'm hyped about. The ones I really need is Fahrenheit, Storm Runner, and full throttle. Those are the coasters I think we need in planet coaster what are the coasters you guys want tell me down below. Remember this is opinion based so this might not happen
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I'm excited that hybrid coasters are confirmed. Sam Denney even hinted about trying to emulate Twisted Collossus during one of the live streams, which is one of my favorite coasters. I want to see a coaster with the x-car trains like Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal. Those coasters are great because they are very twisty and have a lot of intense g-forces. I would also like to see a mine train coaster, as it would go really well with the western theme.
How about the Canyon Blaster Roller Coaster:




or even the El Loco:

I would like to have one of this (no ... I want exactly these) RollerCoaster:

We can copy objets such as sceneries , walls , signs etc .
We can Copy complete sets of object as a Building .
We can Copy Rides .
How about Coping Paths .
I made some fine hotels , Restaurants , and dark Rides including Paths but can not make it part of a building or what ever so therefor not be copied .
So my Question is can there be a form of Copy Path or make it a part of the building ( RCT3 did ) so i do not have to make path again to the ingame or Bleu print itself ?